5 ways you can avoid becoming a victim to online dating mishaps

Though many people think that online dating sites are not safe, you can use these sites to find your match by taking some precautions. Many bad incidents are reported about online dating recently. A person named Jason Lawrence raped five women after meeting them on a dating website. You can still use these sites and keep yourself safe if you follow the following tips.

Keep your conversation limited to the website

You should not communicate outside the dating website. This way scammers won’t be able to target you as dating sites are now very sophisticated and can detect the behavior of the scammers. Outside the dating site, there is no way to identify the scammer.

Block someone you find suspicious

You can monitor a person’s behavior on a dating site. As soon as you find someone suspicious, you can block the person immediately.

Don’t rush into meeting the person

It is easier to get connected to a person in writing. When you start dating online, you may feel that you know the person well. But don’t rush; take your time to know the person well before getting into a relationship.

Research them online

You should do research on the person online. Check out their social media profile or picture to see if they are the same person or not. If you find anything suspicious, just stop communicating with them.

Always meet in a public place

You should always meet in a public place, even if you are meeting the person for the second or third time. Before going on your date, inform a friend of yours where you are going and who you are meeting. In case anything goes wrong, your friend will be able to find you.

Taking these steps will keep you safe when you date online. You should have complete control of yourself when you meet the person. You should make sure that you are not drunk and that you are not taken to any private place for meeting.

Top 4 disadvantages of online dating

Online dating is a great solution for busy people to find their match. However, there are many disadvantages of online dating as well. Some of the disadvantages are discussed below.

You can be fooled easily

Meeting a person face-to-face is not same as meeting him or her online. When you meet someone in person, you get to see the person’s features elaborately. You use all your senses to judge the person. Pictures can hide physique, age, complexion, etc.

Too many choices

As there are so many choices available to choose from, online dating experience can be miserable for many people. For example, when you search for a girl with short black hair, 50 or more matches show up. Now, it’s difficult to choose from this huge lot.

People can behave more rudely online

People who date online can behave more rudely than people who are a date in real life. A person that you cannot ignore in person will be ignored many times online. Statistics show that more than 90% of men on dating sites don’t meet a woman in person.

People can get away with anti-social behavior

It is suggested that women should only date men who are within their social network or who are a friend of a friend. Dating complete strangers can lead you to awkward situations. People can do bad things under the cover.

When you date online, you should make sure that you are safe and secure. You should be careful not to be a victim to any unwanted situations.

3 tips for finding a safe dating site

There are so many dating sites that offer dating services. But not all sites are safe. Some online dating sites offer no security at all. You should avoid these sites. Here are three tips for finding a safe dating site.

Background check dating

Many people who use the dating services look for someone they can settle down with. The safe online dating site has an extensive background check that crawls through user’s criminal history and other important past events. By knowing upfront whether the site offers background checking or not, you will be able to choose a safe dating site.

Identity verification

Many people don’t give their proper identification on a dating site. Safe online dating sites use IP address of users for tracking their location and past internet history. The information is just used for the purpose of security and is not revealed. The sites will get rid of the profiles of users which are not authentic. So, you will get the peace of mind that the person you are dating is honest and sincere.

Video chat option

It is a new feature introduced into the online dating sites. It gives you the option to see the people face-to-face. It confirms that the person you are dating is not being deceptive. Seeing your match live is very exciting. You should look out for dating sites that offer this feature.

By dating in safe online dating sites, you can get rid of imposters and find the perfect match for yourself. You should find a site that uses safety practices.